Hello everyone out there! That´s me: the little german cow.

Hi guys, how are you?

This is me, the little german cow, writing this blog post to you:

A pictures of little cow using the internet.

This is my first post here. So I guess I should introduce me first. I am a lovely cow that lives on a great farm in the south of germany. My friend the toad says I look like a donkey, but he doesn´t know anything about donkeys.

Most of my friends are other milk cows. They make so much milk that I send it to people all over the world. Sometimes when the farmer doesn´t look, I sneak into his office and use his computer. Just like I am doing know. Hehehe. If he knew. He is over in his building watching television.

I should sneak over and have a look at what he´s watching. hehe.

Talk to you soon!